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Friday, March 16, 2018

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar owes an apology to Hindus and Muslims

Arfa Khanum asks tough questions, and I am glad to see good journalism and pointed questions. 

I am disappointed with the short-sightedness of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, supposedly a man of peace. His intention is no doubt good, but he fails to deliver it in words. 

His statements are fodder for conflicts. To suggest that Indians will go to civil war, no matter how supreme court decides is ridiculous.  He does not respect the majority of moderate Hindus and Muslims who have accepted the verdicts of Supreme court in the past without creating a mess.  

The interview was disrupted twice by Ravi Shankar's people; he did not have the courtesy to stop them.  

For him to think and say that Hindus or Muslims will not accept the decision is wrong, he owes an apology to Hindus and Muslims alike. 

I am glad Indian democracy will be saved by a new breed of media - the Wire, Squint and the others. 

Mike Ghouse

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