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Tuesday, November 30, 2010




 With the belief that every Indian wants justice to every human being;  rich or poor, connected or not, and demands fair treatment of every one of the 1.1 Billion Indians, we must come to grips with the social and community life to create an exemplary India, that will become a model nation in the world.

We have to give room to the extremists in every section of our communities be it Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Muslim, Sikh,  Zoroastrian or other, hoping they would recognize the God given space to each one of us and eventually see the benefits of co-existence.

I propose that the parliament of India introduce a bill for every political, cultural and religious organization in India to register with the Home Ministry, state their purpose, list their assets for public scrutiny, list the membership roster to be updated annually. Include a modified version of the 7 items into Indian Penal Code, and make it in to the law to punish the violators of the law.

Patriotism should be defined in terms of what you do to uplift the hopes of people, in terms of education to all, jobs to as many as we can in each successive year, home for every human,  and a better life style to every Indian.

Every public office holder from the Peon to the President of India, and every one in between must take this pledge and live by it. Violation should disqualify him or her from holding the public office. Let it be monitored publicly.

1. I pledge allegiance to India, the nation that stands for liberty and justice for all.

2. I pledge that I honor and treat every Indian with "full" dignity.

3. I pledge that all individuals would be treated on par.

4. I pledge that I will treat all religions with equal respect, equal access and equal treatment.

5. I pledge that I will oppose any act that treats any Indian less than myself.

6. I Pledge that I will work for a India, where every individual can live with security and aspire for prosperity.

7. I pledge that I will protect, preserve and value every inch of India and every human soul in India

This would be the first step towards ensuring a Just, peaceful and prosperous India, that can sustain its progress and peace.

Jai Hind

Mike M Ghouse
http://www.mikeghouse.net/ http://www.mikeghouseforindia.net/
2665 Villa Creek Dr, Suite 206,
Dallas, TX 75234

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hannity Radio Show - Mike Ghouse 11.16.2010

I just interviewed with Sean Hannity on his Radio show 1:30 csT and 12:00 midnight in Bangalore, India.  If full body scanner is geared to certain people, in this case Muslim women, it leads to abuse of the system and those criminals who wear the skirts can escape the scrutiny. They brought up Israel does it, we are not Israel, we are America and we have to lead the world in pluralism and just treatment of every individual. We have to honor the dignity and rights of all humanity and not single out groups. That is morally wrong.
Profiling any group is wrong; we cannot take our nations towards fascism in selecting groups who are suspects. Security of every passenger is the responsibility of the carrier and the nation.  Either do the full bodies scan on every one of them or don’t.
My suggestion is to issue clearance certificates to frequent travelers or whoever travels in advance, so we do not have long lines at the airport.
Mike Ghouse is a speaker on Pluralism and Islam offering pluralistic solutions to the media and public on issues of the day. His blogs and sites are listed at www.MikeGhouse.net