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Saturday, February 16, 2019

The CFP condemns the discrimination of a Hindu Student.

“We all have to stand up do the right thing. Discrimination against one amount to discrimination against all, today it is you and tomorrow it will be someone else and one day it will be me. To build a secure society, every one of us has to work for common good, any good to one group at the cost of the other will not sustain." Mike Ghouse, Center for Pluralism.  

By the way, nose piercing is not a Hindu thing, it is the thing of the subcontinent, everyone from Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Christians, and others pierce their noses in India.

Hindu student kicked out of school for a nose piercing

A Hindu girl has been barred from her Catholic school after she had her nose pierced for cultural and religious reasons.

On Tuesday, the first day of school at Aranmore Catholic College, Sanya Singhal, 15, was ordered to remove the tiny new stud in her left nostril or go home.

The Year 10 pupil showed teachers a note from her mother and tried to explain the stud could not be removed for 12 months for religious reasons but was told she could not attend class until she took it out.

15-year-old Hindu girl Sanya Singhal got the nose piercing for religious reasons.
Picture: The West Australian

Sanya’s mother, Kalyani, said it was a spiritually significant custom in northern India for young girls to have a nose pin inserted to mark their transition to womanhood.

She said she asked Aranmore principal Declan Tanham if her daughter could cover the pin with a bandaid, but was told Sanya would have to change schools if she refused to remove it.

“They have exceptions for the Islamic girls by allowing them to wear their headscarf, but we were told our cultural needs are not relevant,” Ms Singhal said.

Hindu girl Sanya Singhal had her nose pierced for cultural reasons. She acknowledged the college rules stipulate no face piercings, but said they also allowed for discretion.

Sanya, who has been at Aranmore since Year 3, said the pin’s spiritual significance meant it was similar to wearing a crucifix on a necklace.

Mr Tanham confirmed Sanya could not go to school unless she removed the stud.
“If she takes it out she’s welcome,” he said. “She’s a good student.”

He said Aranmore was the most multi-cultural school in Perth and had many Hindu students, but none with a nose piercing.

“She’s welcome at the school — she just has to abide by the uniform policy agreed to at the point of enrolment,” he said.

“They knew this previously, they’re just choosing to be selective about it. If I let one student do it, the other students will say, ‘Why can’t I?’”

Indian Society of WA assistant secretary Papori Barua said wearing a nose pin was a religious custom for women in some parts of India.

Solidarity with India Army

February 15, 2019 --44 Indian Soldiers were martyred in India by a suicide bomber, what a shame! We stand by them and send our condolences to the families of our Shaheed, the martyrs. We urge the government of India to hold a conference and invite the extremists from all hues to have a dialogue, and the government needs to guarantee the safety of the participants. Let everyone put all their grievances on the table and let’s find solutions. Killing increases the revenge bile in each other. As a civilized society, our goal is to bring the uncivilized into civility, and it requires us to shed the attitudes that aggravate the conflicts. I urge all people who really want harmony and peaceful societies to take the first step and drop their ill-will and hatred towards each other. If you hate them, then their hate towards you is justified. I am glad the Muslim voices are focused on conflict mitigation and goodwill nurturance, a practice of Prophet Muhammad (full information in the book American Muslim Agenda available at Amazon).