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Monday, March 19, 2018

RSS - Marketing Fascism as Hindu Nationalism

The title of the book may deter some of you from reading the book, and I hope you will make a point to read it.  It is in the interests of all people of a nation to learn each other’s point of view, to enable us to see the complexity of the issue and make decisions that are sustainable and beneficial to all Indians. What is good for you has got to be good for all to sustain. 

A majority of the people within the majority, any nation for that matter– regardless of their religion or race, are oblivious to the world around them.  In the US, a majority of white people don’t even know the apprehensions and fears the minorities endure. 

If you ask the Mexicans, Indians, Blacks, Arabs, Chinese, Somali, and the LGBT community, they can tell you the truth. Likewise, the majority community in Pakistan does not know the pain the minorities go through. Now, the same case is made with the Hindu majority of India; they just have no idea what difficulties, discrimination, and harassment the Dalits, Christians, Muslims, and Sikhs go through. They don’t even know that some of them, among them, are misrepresenting Hinduism. Hinduism does not suggest lynching of Muslims, raping Dalits, burning Adivasis and beating up on Christians.  It is time for the majority of Hindus to take back their religion, Hinduism is not about violence, it is about peaceful coexistence.  Muslims have endured that kind of label on them, but finally, they are regaining control of their religion.

The majority of Whites in America, Blacks in South Africa, Hindus in India, Atheists in China, Muslims in Pakistan and Jews in Israel assume that the other people who are less in number are living a secure life like themselves.    Since they don’t face the problems, they assume all are happy and should not complain. That is not the case; you have to be serious and read the issue to bring security to all people. You cannot be secure if people around you are not. 

Minorities are a group of people who do not have the votes to oppose or rectify the decisions of the majority that may be unjust to them.  As an example, Muslims are a majority in Pakistan and Hindus are a majority in India, Buddhists are a majority in Burma,  but in the United States, all are minorities.

The cover page of the book reads as follows: 
“Indian democratic-secular polity is passing through the most critical phase since its birth on August 15, 1947. Our constitutional polity has been taken over by RSS/BJP leaders committed to Hindutva politics which was neither part of modern India's its anti-colonial heritage nor have been faithful to the principles enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution. The Hindutva politics decried and continues to denounce democracy, secularism, egalitarianism and an all-inclusive India.

This book provides an insight into the philosophical moorings of the followers of Hindutva, and their action plans to convert India into a theocratic Hindu State. This insight is based solely on the internal documents of RSS/BJP and other fraternal Hindutva organizations. It is hoped that this Reader on RSS book will help researchers and common readers in getting acquainted with an ideology and its perpetrators who present the most lethal challenge to democratic-secular India.”

My goal in life is to open people's hearts and mind towards each other so we all can live cohesively and with least conflicts. I am pleased to offer pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. 

Mike Ghouse

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