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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Indians Beware of your passport and your attitude towards others.

What happened to Alok Madasani, who was injured in a bar shooting that killed Srinivas Kuchibhotla, and that has completely shaken the Indian community. I am as apprehensive as any Indian. Indeed any one who does not look white may be subjected to someone's ire.  

One of my Hindu friends proudly shared a story of how his baby daughter was delivered in Mecca by an Egyptian Doctor. It was a good story as the Doctor had bend over backwards to accommodate the Hindu Customs.

Now his daughter’s passport is stamped Born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia!

Some of my fellow Indian Americans are pushing the US Congressmen to declare Pakistan as a Terrorist State without realizing that they are so stupid and selfish. In their endless hate for Pakistan, they are sticking a knife in the back of fellow Indians whose passport bears Pakistan as the place of birth.

Many of my Indian Hindu American friends, the prominent ones, were born in Karachi and Lahore. Some tried to change Lahore, Pakistan to Lahore, India. That would be even more dangerous. The imbecile immigration officer like the one in the story link below would be so proud to catch them, because the only thing he may know is Lahore is in Pakistan and this guy may have fake passport. Even if Indians change the birth place in the passport to avoid this, that would be even a bigger threat. You cannot go wrong if you are honest and  you cannot go wrong if are a peace monger with neighbors instead of a hate monger.

One of our fellow Indians was shot dead and another one severely injured in Kansas this last week. This has shaken me to my core.  Some of the men who are roaming the streets have no idea who is what; anything that is brown is a threat to them.  You and I may be safe in some areas, but there are areas where you and I and that idiot Shelli Kumar (talking about the well known ones) are meaningless to the man who is angry. This man Kumar and a few Indians in Dallas are hate peddlers, and I hope the law of Karma works on all such people who thrive on selling hate to fellow Indians.

This reckless behavior is happening in India too, I have seen a few videos where Christian men were being beaten up for no reason, Muslim and Dalit women were harassed.   These thugs in India and America are making all Indians and all Americans look bad, just as some damned terrorist make all Muslims look bad. Remember evil exists not because of a few evil men, but because good men don’t do anything about it.

The least you can do is speak up against bad acts of a few people. No person with evil thoughts, hatred for others or ill-will be free from the clutches of Karma.

Read this story, a French White man was born in Egypt and was harassed. Even if you have paid money to Trump campaign, no one will come to you if are detained and chained in the airport. It could happen to you and happen to me.

The Kansas City Shooting Is Quickly Changing How Indians View The U.S.

Mike Ghouse