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Thursday, February 15, 2018

BJP Is Playing With Fire

India is blessed with two new heroes:  Chandan Gupta's family and Ankit Sharma's family, despite their loss, they refused to give communal color to their tragedies. 

When the free press is being quashed, and when most of the Indian media has lost the freedom to report, rather they are afraid to report. God always sends heroes to rescue the society. In fact, Lord Krishna had said, whenever adharma takes over the society, I will emerge among you and restored Dharma.  Thanks to the bold publishers of The Wire, Quint, Quartz and few brand new news organizations for reporting boldly. A free press is the only thing that will save the nation if there is no one to question it, the good guys become bad guys, such is the temptation to rule and control people. I have always admired Goenka and other media persons in the mid-seventies who went to jail to keep the mantle of the free press alive.

Thank God for the wire

Mike Ghouse

Courtesy: The wire

The BJP Is Playing With Fire, It’s the Decency of Ordinary Indians That’s Saved Us So Far

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