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Friday, June 13, 2014

Narendra Modi will defend free speech.

Freedom of speech is the God given right of every human, and no one should have the power to tell what others can think, speak or believe.   Freedom should be absolute and free, when it becomes discretionary, it leads to mismanagement and abuse.
 It is not what the evil people say or do that matters, it is how we react that matters. We can aggravate the situation or mitigate it. Of the billion and a quarter Indians, not even a 1000 will be abusive - that is 0.000001% - insignificant in numbers to give any value to it. However, if it results in deaths and mayhem,  then the instigator should be held responsible.

Modi did not mince his words in the parliament this week, if the court decides the criminality of an individual including the member of the Parliament, they go to jail.
I am studying Narendra Modi fairly closely, and knowing him and predicting him fairly well in the last few weeks, I feel certain that he will say the following about the students who were arrested in Kerala for insulting him;
“If the only crime of the students is insulting me, then please release them. People should have the freedom to speak their mind, even if it means insulting me.”  Then he will add, “I will not vanish or diminish with insults”. Imagine the hearts he will win, and restraint he will cause in people's language.
I see a statesman emerging in Modi, and I will repeat my doha
"Khuda jab bhi insaan ko hidayat deta hai
Hum Modi ko Gandhi hotay huway dekheinge."
"Whenever God gives guidance to a man,
we will witness Modi becoming Gandhi-like."
Indeed there ought to be a park in every City, where individuals can go and speak all they want from a raised platform.
On Modi, the word puzzle asks, “If Namo is Nayinte Mon (‘Dog’s son’ in Malayalam), who is Namo? The answer keys included the letters “Mo” and a picture of Modi.
On Amritanandamayi, the puzzle asks “the mother who sells the largest number of kisses in Kerala”. The key included a picture of Amritanandamayi, who is known as the hugging saint.
On Rahul Gandhi, it said “the Amul leader of India who stopped feeding on breast milk at the age of 40?.
The magazine titled “Name” was brought out by an editorial board chaired by activists of the Students Federation of India, which is the student wing of CPI (M). It was published by Sree Krishna College near the temple town Guruvayur. The college is under the Guruvayur Temple Board, which is a government body

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