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Thursday, June 12, 2014

PM Narendra Modi's maiden speech in Lok Sabha

I could not ask more, this is the best speech any leader has ever given and once again, I hope he means it.  Mike Ghouse
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Highlights of PM Narendra Modi's maiden speech in Lok Sabha
TNN | Jun 11, 2014, 04.45 PM IST
Courtesy - Times of India

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday responded to President Pranab Mukherjee's address in Parliament on June 9, saying that his government will fulfill the promises made by the President in his speech.

Making his maiden speech in Lok Sabha as Prime Minister, Modi said that his government will be devoted to the poorest of the poor and stressed on converting the country's image from "scam India" to "skill India".

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Following are the highlights of Narendra Modi's address:

* Will leave no stone unturned in implementing roadmap outlined by the President in his address.

* We will empower the poor to enable them to fight poverty and come out of it.

* No one will leave villages if they are developed, provided 24 hour-power, good education and industries.

* We should concentrate on agro-based industries.

* Our aim must be to serve the poorest of the poor and to think of their welfare.

* We are sincerely committed to bring down prices. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that nobody sleeps hungry.

* The country needs real-time data on agri-products to deal with price rise.

* We have to stop politicizing rape. We are playing with the dignity of women. Protecting women should be the priority of the people of this country.

* We should plan from today how we will celebrate Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary after 5 years.

* We have to do focused activity to change the lives of Muslims; they cannot be left behind in development.

* Our image has become 'scam India', we have to convert it to 'skill India'.

* We welcome criticism, in a democracy, criticism gives strength and it will guide us.

* We need to focus on skill development, decisions have to be taken with great courage.

* I don't want to move forward without you (opposition), I don't want to move ahead on basis of numbers but on the basis of collectivity.

* We don't believe in big brother attitude towards states, we believe in cooperative federalism. There should be competition among states for development, I want to hear states saying they have left Gujarat behind.

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