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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Vision for City of Carrollton

Najma Ghouse’s Vision for Carrollton

My vision for Carrollton embraces the following issues: Family Values, Safety of our Neighborhoods, Clean Air & Green Carrollton, Education & Volunteerism, Retail Revitalization, TOD and Re-inventing Carrollton, i.e., making Carrollton a destination City for homebuyers and entertainment.

1. Family Values
2. Neighborhoods Safety
3. Clean Air & Green Carrollton
4. Revitalize Retail along with TOD
5. Re-inventing Carrollton – Making it Destination Carrollton

My Vision for Carrollton

Carrollton Texas is a vibrant city which reflects the new face of global community. Like a well-kept secret, Carrollton is the crossroads hub of a metroplex that is as big and promising as the Texas sky and provides its citizens with heralded public education, safe neighborhoods, wide-open green spaces, and responsive leadership.

With envious access to a highway system that stretches in all directions, a stone’s throw from DFW Airport , major shopping and entertainment venues, Carrollton is a bedroom community primed for a new and contemporary identity. Residents know how wonderful Carrollton is to live in and grow a family; however, it is perhaps not the first thought as a destination for people when selecting a community in which to plant roots, open a restaurant, or start a business. Remote as they are; northern communities are thriving in dynamic ways that grow their tax base, enhance amenities, and attract people from across the metroplex.

Let’s get creative in ways that we can best serve our residents and combine what we love about our Carrollton with a pioneering sense of excitement. Let’s form community think-tanks to proactively expand the creative process in order to solve concerns, streamline operations, attract business, enhance police and fire response time, beautify the city, and provide all the things our city desires. Carrollton is in need of a northern police precinct and a women’s shelter. We need to negotiate a solution with Cities around Carrollton to sustain clean air and Green Carrollton. We need new ideas for economic development, housing strategies, and protecting our home values.

How can we revitalize the business corner of Old Denton and the George Bush? What about a community college? How can we maximize the impact of Carrollton ’s Dart connection? What about convention business, an entertainment complex, or a minor league sports franchise? What does Carrollton secretly want? Let’s find out!

Let’s create a citizen’s council which reflects the ethic diversity of Carrollton with people passionate about bridging ideas, exploring innovative ways to bring the pulse of the community to its leaders and value to its families. What about creating a student ambassador council to engage students in designing a student friendly city that addresses their concerns and safety?

Let’s show other communities how diversity can generate original, festive and productive citizenship. Let’s re-invent Carrollton and herald its stature as a “new” destination. A city with forward thinking leadership; a city of the future. And, let’s have fun doing it!

I will serve you with an unwavering commitment to bring valuable solutions to community concerns. I a committed to safe neighborhoods, clean air, destination Carrollton, quality of life and sustainability of Carrollton’s growth.

Please vote by December 5th, 2007 – Early Voting begins on Monday, November 20 and ends on Friday, December 1. Election day is December 5th 7am to 7pm
Let’s join together and make Carrollton a destination!

Najma Ghouse

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