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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Universal Prayers

Mike Ghouse November 1, 2005

Dear God, help us believe that you treat all of us fairly and without discrimination.
Dear God, help us not to think less of anyone that you have created.
Dear God, help us not to undermine the divinity of other ways of worshipping you.
Dear God, help us get rid of arrogance that, my faith is superior.
Dear God, help us recognize that arrogance is the root cause of all evil and keep us away from it.
Dear God, help us respect everyone’s way of worshipping and honoring you, help us learn to hold individuals accountable for the wrongs and not their parents, their community or their religion.
Dear God, help us keep the purity of our hearts, and help us achieve humility, help us learn to over come our prejudices, our anger and our jalousies, help us over come our ignorance about others that You have created.
Dear God, help us see that our salvation, our peace of mind, our nirvana, our Moksha, our mukti, our freedom and joining your kingdom, is directly dependent on living a life of following, submitting and surrendering to you and respecting everything that you have created.
Dear God, help us believe in the supremacy of you and the oneness of mankind.
Dear God, The world is a better place today because of spirituality, without which there would be chaos. All your religions are on the same side; that of goodness for mankind.
Dear God, we thank you for blessing us with so many ways of worshipping you.

Mike Ghouse

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