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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Almighty | Almeeky

Almighty Axis – Almeeky World
Mike Ghouse August 9, 2006

The Almighty Axis of US, UK and Israel is one side, and the whole world is on the other on the issue of Killing the Civilians. Because they are mightier than God, their word is the true word and a fact, all else is baloney.

The Almighty Leaders President Bush, Secretary Rice, PM Blair, PM Olmert and HC Nasrullah believe that they are righter than the Almeeky people of the world.

Hezbollah is a terror organization as their stance against Israel is not acceptable. Any group that is bent on killing the civilians are terrorists. 970 civilians are dead including Israeli, Palestinian and Lebanese. Israel's bombing the civilian targets is un-acceptable, so are Hezbollah’s rockets on Civilians. None of us is a judge, only God is. They will kill 1000 more, 950 by Israel and 50 by Hezbollah and will stop it as the world public cannot take it any more. Then what is the point in butchering the civilians? Every Civilian Israel kills it loses moral grounds, and after 970 Kills I doubt how much moral ground it has. People will not get used to their apologies repeatedly... after killing the civilians every time.It may sound harsh, but wiping Hezbollah will never happen, hate breeds hate, killing breeds killing... oppression produces more Hezbollah.

The bully leaders of Almighty Axis have guaranteed the birth of more Hezbollah’s. It is no different than the shameful attempts made on Jews since Pharaonic days to crusades to inquisitions to Holocaust. Will of the oppressed cannot be erased. Hezbollah is bad, but Israeli action is giving them legitimacy... the Almighty Axis may declare that they are on the right side, but they know that it is against the principle of saving one life is saving the whole humanity that Judaism teaches. Killing of civilians has no justification, and support for killing is indeed killing.

First of all, all of them need to take a breath, cease fire is imminent. The Almighty leaders can stop this mayhem. Hezbollah needs to release the two Kidnapped Israeli soldiers and Israel needs to release the kidnapped Parliamentarians of Palestine, and 900+ detained Lebanese and Palestinian men and women with no charges. If Israel claims moral superiority, it better live it up.

I do hope our Almighty leaders wake up and recognize our mistakes and ask for God's forgiveness and forgiveness from the suffering families. We have seen evil done by men, and greater evil comes from being silent. We need to speak out, at least, please speak out.
May the creation bring peace to all of us, and save each life.

Silent no more.
Mike Ghouse

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