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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Future of Gujarat

Future of Gujarat - an appeal to Modi
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May 12, 2006
Mike Ghouse

There ought to be a study on the social, religious and economic future of Gujarat.

Dr. Bandukwala and Dr. Hersh Mander are in tune with the community to do justice. The commission must include average Hindus and Muslims as well as representation of Hindutvadis, affected Muslims and Christians to bring out a truer snap shot of the situation. We have to include all parties for the outcome to be owned, if not it will become one sided and an un-applicable report.

This is a serious issue for the well being of Gujarat, our country and our people. We need to constantly search for ways to make things better and not get caught in the cycle of teaching lessons.

Gujaratis are the smartest business people on the earth. If they can get the Hindutvadis on their side to develop long term goals, every Gujarati, their kids, and their grand kids can be sure to have a secure and peaceful life. A lot of smart thinking is available to have it.

I have many, many Gujarati friends and indeed, they are dismayed with all that happened using and tarnishing the name of Hinduism. I am friends with many a Gujaratis, they are clearly free from prejudices. However, there are a few who simply do not have any common sense and respect for life. It is generally one way conversation with them as is the case with a few Muslims too.

Look at Bill Gates, the more people's lives he makes better, he richer he gets, with a secure and safer future. The more people you make successful, the more success comes to you. This is what is missing acutely in the Hindutva minds and are shamelessly letting Gujarat and our nation lose it out.

If things get worse, it will hurt every one in Gujarat. No community can live in peace and security when there is oppression and frightened population. It is in the interest of the well to do to create peace and security thru cooperation for their own safety and future. If Muslims or Christians or for that matter any one feels insecure continuously, and when a few of them are pushed to corner, they have nothing more to fear. The foreign investments will dwindle, the world will look down upon Gujarat, why would any one want to do business with murderers? What a shame that a few extremists Hindutvadis can bring down Gandhi's Gujarat and Hinduism. The human rights groups look to Gujaratis with suspicion. If we don't watch it, it will be another Palestine-Israel.

Israel has not succeeded with all its might against people with small rocks in their hands. As long as they don't value the lives of the oppressed, their own life's will be in danger. Apply Bill Gates formula here, the more people you make feel secure and productive, the more security, safety, peace and progress comes to you. Modi will be gone when his time comes, why leave a legacy that people don't appreciate it? no Na koi raha hai, na koi rahega, Mera desh azaad ho kay rahega, . Sikandar bhi Aiye, Ghazni bhi aaye... and hope we do not add Modi bhi aaye. Na Koi raha hai no koi rahega. O subha phir bhi ayegi....why let Barbadi come in the middle?

I appeal to the good people of Gujarat. Let you not be responsible for watching the wrong done to her people. Speak up and the evil will back off. Evil is always weak. As Einstein puts: it is not the bad people we need to worry about, it is the silence of good people that is dangerous and evil.

I also appeal to Mr. Modi, to please leave a good legacy behind. Let people of next generation not look down upon you Sir. Let you exemplify the Hindu ideal, respect for every life, welfare of all Citizens. Let the people around the world think of you as a great, kind, generous and philanthropic Hindu leader and not a Iron and steel heartless man. Lord Rama's ideal Rajya would be to care for every human soul. You have a little time on your side now to do the right thing.

Mike Ghouse
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