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Saturday, January 13, 2007

One item at a time

June 25, 2006 Mike Ghouse

Unless we focus on an issue, we cannot do justice to it.

How much is a Kilogram of rice in Timbuktu?
How much does a scooter cost in Singapore?
What do these two questions have got to do with Zoroastrianism?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

That may be your sentiment as well. If you are involved in a discussion, you probably have felt like shouting at someone, "hey what is the connection"?

When the discussion is going on about Gujarat for instance, some one will jump in, out of nowhere and want to talk about Palestine.
When the discussion is about Terrorism in Canada, someone will jump out and talk about poverty in Bangladesh.

When the discussion is about ABC, someone will be talking about PQR.
The above are just examples of how we can get entangled in different subjects in one conversation, and do justice to none. It is almost like a chicken that runs in every direction with its head cut.

If you are discussing with them in yahoo groups, and you respond to them in BIG BOLD LETTERS, they still don’t read it but will respond to it immediately. Try sending a blank email, they will still answer you.

When it comes to fanatics, the pattern is the same. The same fifty words are assembled in different permutations and combinations. No group needs to gloat about it, there is 1% among us, each one of us that behaves the same.

If they read the emails, perhaps they will understand that any one or any group can attend to one thing at one instance. I hope a few of them will read this;

A doctor cannot operate on the heart, kidney or liver in one instance. We cannot be jumping from Canada, Palestine, UK, USA , Darfur and other critically important issues. All are as important as the heart, kidney and liver are. You have to choose one at a time to deal with.

As we are talking about the Canadian Muslim issue, people write to tell us that why don't we talk about Israel, UK, Iraq, Gujarat? How would you feel, if you are on the operating table and your chest is being cut open and the guy next door yells, "hey Doctor, come fix my Kidney"? Another one shouts, "hey Doc you put my liver in, you need to sew me up now".

Those who hop around from topic to topic may find it meaningful to deal with one proposition in one single moment. Scattered brains are not effective. Peace falls in the lap when there is total concentration in prayer or meditation. Revelations come to you when you are single minded, and blissful moments in life are achieved with absolute intensification.

If your intent is to pull some one down , hoping that it would lift you up, check out the past results and look in the mirror, you will have the answer. On the other hand if you want to succeed in getting up, follow Bill Gates. Lift up as many people as you can for the good things they do, even if you disagree, and see how quickly your star goes up in the horizon. Bill Gates is the richest man today because he did not engage himself in making people poor so he can get their wealth, instead he made other people rich, and that goodness vaulted him up to where he is today.

Constructive criticism is always good if your heart tells you that the other person will do well with it, or it mitigates the tension. Criticism should be accompanied by an alternative solution and the willingness to put in no time and effort and possibly your own money to get things done. If your time, money and effort are not there, your idea has no value.

Mike Ghouse
Dallas, Texas. USA

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