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Monday, October 7, 2019

The essence of Patriotism

I will be posting a few comments below from the social media, some of them never get the message to comment on specific issues they see in the following statement.... but they resort to ranting. Poor guys, don't have an India what freedom means.


A few Indians equate the government/political leaders with Patriotism. They cannot fathom the idea that the government is made up of people like us and make mistakes. However, the majority of Indians get that right. 

It is our Patriotic duty to tell accurately and continuously, where they are wrong. So, the government can avoid making the mistakes and sinking the nation and the average Indian.   It would be wrong to remain silent and let the government keep making the mistakes; in the end, all of us pay for it. The politicians walk away, leaving the economy and society in shambles.

Mr. Modi’s experiments with demonetization, pulling funds out of Reserve Bank, silently watching Indians tear each other apart, GST, NCR, Rafael deal, and Kashmir is some examples of major goof ups that will destroy the economy. India has the highest unemployment rate in the last 45 years. 

If we do not criticize Mr. Modi, the foreign direct investment in India will dwindle, the investors want social stability in India and not a lynching, uncontrolled rapes, and harassment of fellow Indians. The losers will be the IT guys and IT Companies in India who have enjoyed prosperity in the last 20 years. They need to guard the nation against going down.

If you are a patriotic Indian, please do care to read the criticism of Modis’ governance and join the movement to correct the course. All of us want a safe, secure, peaceful, and prosperous India. 

Comments - enjoy the stupidity (no editing is done)

Rajesh ShuklaPresident - Business Development

Stupid remark. Why did not see any adversity before 2014 in India. Today the bold steps are taken which pinch such thought. Such people want to see India as poor country and they act on behalf someone with negative agenda like many NGO do it in India. We accept many things to be done better but not with your kind of biased remark. It is shame that inspite of being Indian, post such loose n biased remark and that is ' just to oppose Mr. Modi ' ....But gentleman....You or your lobby wil not succeed.

Rajesh, to make your words worth mentioning, tell me what specific item in my not you have a problem with? Mike

Ameet Gohel  Sales Consultant

Strongly oppose and condemn your views, and as a patriotic Indian would not allow such posts against our country.

What specific item you condemn, or you are in the habit of condemning anyone who differs?

VIVEK MAIRAL Experienced Manufacturing & Project Management 

Dr. Mike Ghouse don’t put subjective narration of the some media reports with agenda against Indian government. There is hardly a fact spelled in your post. Let’s refrain from biased views. The subject of national progress and growth through various reforms is quite deep in nature. It has to built on solid foundations and it does not come easy.

Vivek - If you lived in America, you would understand freedom and free speech. People call names to the president, speak and write against him That is why the Government takes careful steps, otherwise they will do whatever they want.  Yesterday, 49 celebrities in India got an FIR for merely asking Modi to life the curfew in Kashmir.  Learn to live freely and not kiss ass the government. 

Vinayak Nadkarni Engineering & Maintenance 

This guy is an Asian even studied in India from 1972 to 74...can't understand his motive apart from defaming India.

How is it defaming India 

Vishnu Sarma Petroleum Industry. Since 1979

Financial matters such as DeMo and GST - Objectives were laudable but exection lacked finesse mainly because one accomplished lawyer was sitting as the Finance Minister and goofed up. And what is the criticism on Kashmir? He removed a temporary provision in constitution that stayed for 70 years and divided the people? You must know that Kashmir acceded to India unable to tolerate the attack by Pak army. Now Kashmir is ours. Inspite of incendiary speeches and actions of Pakistan, no one can take Kashmir from India. Modi is right there. Pakistan will be defeated economically, politically, militarily. If Pakistan does not rescind their action of 22nd Oct 1947, the country would be destroyed and divided to smithereens. Hatemongers like you can keep watching in astonishment. To protect every Kashmiri indian Muslim, Modi will send ten Hindus into Kashmir.


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