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Monday, October 7, 2019

Restoring India to her Glory Days

Instead of living in fear, if we feel secure, our energies will be spent on progress and prosperity that will benefit every Indian.

The purpose of the following suggestions are to restore righteousness in India, where every Indian feels secure about his life, family, work, retirement, and minds his/her own life. 
Lynching, harassment, rapes are continuing against fellow Indians. Now, there are songs in the market blatantly spreading hatred for others. A majority of Indians are not aware of these, as they continue to deny it. God bless them for their ignorance.  

The responsible Indians who want the best for India can consider these items:

Set up law firms in every city and file a lawsuit to stop this non-sense; the law of the land is always with the righteous.

Set up Internet cells to correct the misinformation floating in the market.

Indians for a secure India

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