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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Aziz Ansari - Indian Hollywood Actor Humiliated

He messed with his female fans like most celebrities of all races and religions do. The list of reported ones among Muslims is growing, including religious celebrities like Nauman Ali Khan, Tariq Ramadan and a whole host of them.  He went too far without full conscious consent. Now his career will go down in the tubes.

There is a sense of entitlement among men, most men, that if a woman is with them, they are entitled to her. No matter how vulgar Trump sounded like but he said the truth that women fall all over celebrities and let them do anything to them. Celebrities have only one thing on their mind, to have her in the bed efficiently if they are not long time girlfriends. Friendship and romance are out of question for these guys or girls in some cases.

A friend of mine used to tell, if you do not treat the woman with dignity after the affair, she will get even with you. Maya Angelou had said something profound; the only thing that causes one to get even is disrespect. Ansari's mistake lies in not respecting her apprehensions and stopping when she had asked him to.

Well, there are more in line to be sacrificed. I wish Trump sets an example of resigning respectfully and apologizing to the women. It will boost the change in attitudes of men.

Mike Ghouse
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