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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Indians Outraged Over Rape on Moving Bus in New Delhi


This is disgusting, we need to insure the safety of every citizen and these guys must be severely punished. Death penalty is not the answer, as we cannot let them get away easily, and the state should not be in the business of murdering people.

Put these guys to shame, which ever act is most shameful as a deterrent; let not similar acts be committed on them, we need to raise above. 

Revenge is not the answer either,  but rehabilitation and reshaping the society is. 

Blaming the India government or the police is not the answer either, if it has happened in the private bus, or a private home unaware to the public.

Bad guys do not make Delhi a bad city.

Mike Ghouse


Indians Outraged Over Rape on Moving Bus in New Delhi
The police say the men were looking for some fun. They had been drinking, having a party, and decided to go on a joy ride. They began circling the capital in a private bus, the police say, when they spotted a couple looking for a ride home. They waved the couple onboard and charged them each 36 cents.

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Mike Ghouse  

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