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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Indian Muslim conversation with Sharukh, Barkha Dutt

53 Minutes of Good conversation with Shahrukh Khan, Zakir Naik, Karan Johar Barkha Dutt and others; http://www.ndtv.com/news/videos/video_player.php?id=1207120

Sharukh Khan makes me proud of being an Indian and an American, on the show him, Soha Ali and the other Khan, spoke for the average Muslim the ones like you and I. Most of us are like them. Those guys have touched the very sensible thing that all of us feel. They certainly spoke for me, an Indian who wants to be part of the fabric, part of the Indian (American story - http://wisdomofreligion.blogspot.com/2009/04/are-muslims-part-of-american-story.html) story.

It was good to see the topic on national TV it is good for people to know Muslims as average persons. Not all of us wear Topies or Pagdis, a majority of us don't. We live like any other Indian or American here in our case.

I wish Zakir Naik had clarified to the general audience, that Beard is not obligatory, but rather an option, as a way to show respect to the prophet who wore it. We have reduced Islam from a pristine faith about character building, truthfulness, trust worthiness and justness to merely outside manifestations. Prophet had earned that, he was the Amin of his society which was made up of people from different traditions; indeed, he was called Amin by the then non-Muslims. There is a lesson for us here.

I am glad Karan Johar and the other Khan want to produce something that represents average Muslims.

Link: http://mikeghouseforindia.blogspot.com/2010/03/indian-muslim-conversation-with-sharukh.html


1 comment:

  1. Zakir Naik is a stupid guy who is not ready to accept laden as terrorist.
    Sharuk rocks....we need muslims like Sharuk to India and not like guys like Zakir who supports terrorists....also speaks about other religions and comments on them.
    Let everyone follow their religion and be in peace...no need to compare which religion is great.
    Religion is like our parents...why to compare our parents with others....let us respect others parents and love our parents.

    Why this stupid Zakir is not getting this?
    He should be kicked out of India....he doesn't have eligibility to live in a democratic country like India.

    He preaches voilence.

    Sharuk rocks...he is a saint in modern dress...Sharuk has common sense and Zakir lacks it.

    Even Soha khan spoke very sesible words....also I agree she is so cute and wish her a great success in bolloywood.

    Zakir, learn from Soha Khan atleast what she said....we have to think about country and not about religions.

    Kick this Zakir out of India