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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Dangerous news for India Hate factory: Inside Kapil Mishra’s ‘Hindu Ecosystem’

It is a damning report about India. India is my motherland and I want the best for every Indian, however, the RSS is hellbent on destroying her. 

Falsities spreading on Twitter, WhatsApp,  and Telegram. We need to create cells to correct the evil propaganda. No FIR for Kapil Mishra, but they arrest Disha Ravi for doing the right thing. The whole nation needs to come together to offset the hateful Hindutva (Not Hindu or Hinduism) agenda with one India agenda.

Each one of us has to put in time and money to start this project. I’m sure there are more good people in India to join the love movement. 

Mike Ghouse
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Courtesy NewsLaundry


Hate factory: Inside Kapil Mishra’s ‘Hindu Ecosystem’

We infiltrated the Telegram groups of the BJP leader’s online network to see what they do and how they operate.

ByMeghnad S & Shambhavi Thakur

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