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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Congratulations to Kannadigas and Indians

Congratulations to all the 62 Million Kannadigas and 1.25 Billion Indians! Thank God for restoring Dharma through the institution of Supreme Court of India. Congratulations also go out to the BJP Leader, Mr. Yedyurappa for his decency and respecting people's choice.

Let's make sure the ones who lost the elections are not looked down, made fun of or ridiculed. If we do that, there will be a Trump around who is ready to capitalize the situation and will earn their loyalty and sympathy, and possibly flip the situation. Let's look for sustainable governance and have programs for making friends with those who are opposed. The more we include, the greater the sustainability.

Mother Teresa had said, if you want to make peace with your enemies (or perceived enemies), go talk with them. Talking among friends will not change the equation. Bhagavad Gita has expressed similar wisdom, and of course, Quran says, if you treat your enemies with respect and dignity, there is a chance of them becoming your allies in building harmony and peace.

It is the most critical time to build relationships, to reign in on the temptations to celebrate the loss of BJP, we should befriend them, in the end, and we all have to work together.

I am politically independent.

Mike Ghouse  

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