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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On a time machine: Here’s what the Obamas did on their India visit


Courtesy Hindustan Times

  • Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Jan 20, 2015 08:57 IST

  • Nothing speaks romance better than a boatride on the beautiful Dal Lake. (Photomorphing by: Hitesh Mathur)

    The Obamas will be in Delhi on January 25, and we at Hindustan Times have laid our hands on a time machine prototype to help us snoop on the world’s most powerful couple. No, don’t scoff at the scientific heresy yet. Moving through the fourth dimension, we’ve zipped into the future, and trust us, it was worth every minute of footage we’ve got in our library now.

    Here are more from the never-before-seen pictures from the world’s most powerful couple, living it up on their three-day India visit.
    A romantic boat ride on Dal Lake


    We don’t really know why, but Mr President was a bit grumpy that day. He didn’t want to be seen in the traditional Kashmiri dress almost everybody wants to take a shikara ride in. Such a party pooper he is! But Michelle didn’t disappoint. She wanted to look every inch a Kashmiri, and even tried her hands at steering the boat on the lake.
    Rikshaw ride in Purani Dilli


    Look at these two making the most of the Dilli chill. This, at a time when we locals can’t get enough of our rajais and sweaters. Well, we don’t blame the power couple, its way worse in their country when it comes to winters.
    Michelle enjoying fuchkas in CP


    Alright, yes! She did ask the bhaiyya for extra ‘teekha’. She may be the first lady, but she is still a lady.
    Totally missing the point here


    It’s not his fault actually. Michelle was being mischievous here, and we got this picture. Obama was not so trusting the next time round, and asked somebody from his entourage to help him out. It came out better:

    ‘You don’t find this thing funny guys?’


    Yes, Obama we get it! That is indeed a funny looking animal. He saw a camel for the first time that day. Michelle was so scared of the big guy that she didn’t even step out of her tent. The First Lady preferred to spend her time with her new girlfriends like this:


    Work hard, party harder


    If you thought a president works harder than anybody else, make no mistake. He also parties harder than anybody else. The couple was invited to a big fat punjabi wedding and who says no to free food? Well not these guys.

    Seriously, party like a Punjabi iykwim


    He learnt a new word that day. Well not exactly a word… it went something like ‘Bruahhhhhhh!’ Obama hasn’t stopped making that sound since. His Punjabi pals tried to teach him many more things, but that's the only thing that stuck. He also wanted to do a DDLJ-inspired number with the team, and was pretty impressive with an Americanised version of the ‘sarson ka khet’ dance.

    Not a big fan of Mumbai localhttp://i.imgur.com/eMSoNli.jpg

    Poor Obama. He didn’t like this place one bit. The couple wanted to seee Gateway of India, but their car broke down. They decided to hop on the local, thinking it would be like Delhi Metro. And, Nope. Michelle got a seat in the women’s coach while poor Barack had to suffer in the general compartment. Its ok Mr President, you’ll get a seat next time.
    Photoshop skills over 9000 by Hitesh Mathur.


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