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Sunday, April 6, 2014

World's largest democracy goes to vote.

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815 Million Eligible Indian voters will start voting on Monday, it is the largest exercise of franchise in the world.  – its‘s 8:15 AM in India now, and the polling booths are open now.

I want to address the apprehension of the Indians here and around the world.  Indian democracy is firmly rooted and functions very well and no one can uproot it, and it runs in our veins.

Indira Gandhi was a tyrant head of the state who ruled India for many terms. After her first term, she did not trust her fellow countrymen and declared emergency rule, that is curbing everyone’s freedom and the nation suffered.

I salute all those heroes who chose to go to jail, but fought for the freedom and elections were held, and she was gone, until she got her act together.

Of the 67 Years of democracy in India, Indians chose the Indian National Congress, (INC) to govern the nation for 61 years. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) remained in the opposition in different avatars, and finally got elected to govern the nation from 1998-2004,   then it lost the elections on their 2nd run.

Now we have new elections; at stake are 543 Parliamentary Seats (MP’s – Members of parliament) and the party who can gather 272 members can form the government.  It appears that the BJP is in the lead, and may gain 200 seats, and partner another 72 seats through coalition with smaller and regional parties.

Nearly half of the Indian public is apprehensive of Mr. Narendra Modi, the man who is leading the BJP party now.  I just want to remind my fellow Indians to trust our democracy and trust the goodness of the people in general. The right wing reckless individuals are few and even if they are significant, they will not last, Indian democracy will outlast every one.  

A friend aptly said, “The Muslim, Christian and Dalit minorities need not worry, if Modi is elected, he is likely to be cautious and careful in safeguarding the rights of minorities, as he knows what happens when the rights of fellow Indians are violated.  Modi cannot drive any one into the Arabian Sea or Bay of Bengal, he has to function among the family of civil nations and get his act together to be re-elected like Indira Gandhi, he cannot declare emergency rule and become a fascist like Indira.”

If he gets elected, I hope he listens to the advice given by many a people including mine.

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