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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A moment of humanity after 46 years of war.

It is an extraordinary story of a pilot Qais Hussain who was courageous to reflect on an act he did that bothered him and after a period of 46 years, he was able to get it out and hope with it came relief to him. He shot down a civilian airplane that strayed in to his national territory, the humanity in him made him hesitant because it was a civilian plane, but he hit because he got the confirmation that it might me a reconnaissance plane. On the other side, I felt very emotional that the people who lost their families did not have rancor towards the pilot who shot their parents. It is an emotional story and brings the humanity out of you.

Barkha Dutt the anchor woman rightly pointed out that the soldiers make the best peace makers, as they have seen the futilities of war first hand.

A lot of this has happened during the Vietnam War, where our veterans have gone back and visited the families who were their targets.


It is a powerful story....

Mr. Hussain was not able to express his feelings well, and I really feel for him. It was simply beautiful to hear the three ladies who had lost their loved ones but did not have any acrimony or ill will.

This story needs to be explored further.

Barkha and Beena I salute you.


It was a similar emotion that inspired me to write a note about the loss of our soldiers in Afghanistan and I prayed for them after Iftaar in Ramadan, the month of Mercy.

HONORING OUR SOLDIERS | A MINUTE OF SILENCE PLEASEhttp://theghousediary.blogspot.com/2011/08/honoring-our-soldiers-in-aghanistan.html

In memory of our soldiers and Navy Seals who died on Saturday, please observe a minute of silence honoring them. May God bless them and give patience to their families. May God give us the wisdom to end Wars and find solutions through mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwill. Amen

I urge fellow Muslim Americans to pray for their well beings, Insha Allah I will pray special prayers for them after Iftaar and Maghrib prayers this evening.

Our soldiers are the defenders of our freedom, they gave up their lives for us, and we have to express our gratitude and pray for them.

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