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Friday, April 16, 2010

Dallas Indians - Friday, April 16, 2010


Several articles have been shared for posting and I am glad every one is adding the links.

If you get a chance read, whether you like it or not, express the reason for it and mostly certainly offer an acceptable solution to the common sense.

1. 1000 year old Hindu Temple Uncovered - Photos
2. Maligning Modi
3. Splendour of Chulukyas - Photos
4. Hyderabad communal riots
5. Maoists Forced Into Violence: Arundhati Roy


Ancient Temple Uncovered - 1000 years old.


Maligning Modi


Badami, Karnataka - Splendor of Chalukyas
Check out these beautiful photos


Hyderabad communal riots: 272 arrested, 170 cases registered

Case booked against VHP leader

Who was behind Hyderabad riots? Many rumors, no answer



Maoists Forced Into Violence: Arundhati Roy
By Arundhati Roy Interiviewed By Sagarika Ghose



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