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Monday, December 8, 2008

Ganga meri maa ka naam, baap ka naam himala


During the Mumbai terrorist attacks,
CNN and Fox were showing maps of India without Kashmir.

From the Indian journalists to every one of the 1.1 Billion of us noted it and were upset. A few years ago I had written to Microsoft to correct this and a corrected version had appeared.

Some 15 years ago, a Pakistani business man threw my news paper Asian news from his store, because it showed the full map of Kashmir in the Indian Map.

A few months ago India Association printed India's Map with the LOC, and jee a few really got upset, did not even attempt to find what the story was and made accusations of unkind. That is the map avaialbe on the the net...

I was just listening to this song " Ganga meri maa ka naam aur baap ka naam himala" something I sang in SLN college Bangalore function in 1970-71. As I was watching the song, around the 4th minute I saw the kids forming India's outline... darn, Kashmir is shown with the LOC in it leaving a 1/3rd to Pakistan and a 1/3rd to China. There was actually another National anthem, where they showed the same...

However, I have always been conscious an have found the right maps, it was on Asian News Magazine that I ran between 1993-2001, and it is on the Dallas Indians group home page and now here it is on this site. On the home page to the left.

You may enjoy the two versions of our national Anthem as well.

Well enjoy this song...

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