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Friday, September 14, 2007

Muslim Women Conference


The role of Muslim women in particular is defined by a few, without consultation and ironically with no resistance from the ones who are affected. The role of women is usually defined by the bully men. The men (all men indeed, Muslim or otherwise) ought to consider being on the vigil - to resist and protest the attitude from within and from outside "what do they know?".

You may want to watch the language of some men " oh, we gave them equal rights". Baloney we gave, God created every one with equal rights and responsibilities in making the decisions for their lives, and some of the cruel men snatched some of those rights from their women because they were dependent. It is time to surrender their rights back to them.

If you remember the civil rights movement from the 60's and the subsequent laws that changed the very way we lived in America. Civil rights act is the direct cause for the immigrants to make it and live in America. The right to sit in any part of the bus, the right to eat in any restaurant, the right to advance one's career with merit....were all passed by the support of the majority of the Americans, the white folks in particular.

Now the Muslim men need to play that role, played by the white Americans in stopping any hint or inkling that women are next to them. Please remember, the gender discrimination is equally prevalent among all societies in one form or the other, but that is not the issue, the isssue is what are we doing about it. Score keeping does not do any good, good deeds make the difference and a good deed is respecting and honoring the God given right to each one of his creation.

If you have an opinion, and you believe it has merit in it. Please speak up and pass this on to those who can write and be a part of the folks who make a difference, speak up! I urge the organizers to include women from all ethnicities, races and faith groups, let's treat the world as one family.

Mike Ghouse


Marketing Muslim Women International Conference

April 10-11, 2008
Duke University and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

miriam cooke, Banu Gškarõksel, Ellen McLarney

Journal for Middle East Women's Studies

This conference focuses on Muslim womanhood that has become a transnational signifier of Islam as a whole. We are all acutely aware of the specific signs, symbols, and definitions of Muslim women that have gained international currency through their circulation in the media. This conference aims to examine 1) the market forces that manufacture such images for consumption; and 2) women as producers and consumers. How do these images function as the handmaiden of politics to promote imperial conquest, economic domination, and capitalist expansion? What does it mean when religion, religious ideology, and religious products are marketed? Conversely, what does it mean when secularism and secular products are marketed? We seek to explore womenÕs engagement in the culture industry, through their own agency, through consumption of goods and services, and through knowledge production.

We invite papers in all disciplines that treat the topic, including, but not limited to:

Popular Culture: mass media, advertising
Fashion: the market for modest dress, Islamic headgear, Islam as fashionable

Market Spaces: bazaar, souq, malls, department stores, internet shopping, weddings
Labor: domestic, slave, wage, sexual
Sexuality and the Body: as commodity, to sell products, as Òcapital,Ó pleasure, desire
Prostitution and Pornography
Tourism and Migration
Abstracts not to exceed one page should be submitted to marketingmuslimwomen@yahoo.com

by Dec. 1, 2007

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