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Thursday, February 25, 2010

MF Hussain, India's Picasso

See the update on Saturday, at the bottom

I am agonized over the controversy MF Hussain the artist has generated. I am particularly disappointed with the intellectuals among us, who have not stepped up to allay the sense of hate and divisive politics emerging out of the disucssions all over India and here including the face book.

MF Hussain is a painter, like any other painter or a sculptor in the world who excells on nude pictures or sculptures. We Indians do not have an appetite for that, and personally, I don't care to appreciate nudity, particularly of the persona of the people we revere and honor, like Mother Sita.

Please do not assume that Mother Sita is not revered by Muslims, she is an example of what a good partner and devout wife is all about. As a Muslim I honor her and quote her exemplary life, like most Muslims do, Urdu Poetry abundantly exemplies her devotion. It is a dream of every man to have a partner and a wife like Sita, who did not cross the Lakshman's Rekha. She is beyond Religion like most great souls.

Hussain is a painter and finds expression in that form of art, he could have been a Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Sikh, Jew, Christian, Atheist or whatever, and in this case he happens to be a Muslim. Artists are free people, he did not paint to make any one angry, he did what the Indians have always done and sculpted for thousands of years as evidenced in Khajuraho and other temples, indeed we are the teachers of the art of love making, we gave Kamasutra to the world.

Hussain did not paint those pics to please Muslims, nor was that an Islamic thing to do. Neither was he commissioned by Muslims to paint, he did that for his own, like every other artist out there and there are thousands of them. As a matter of fact, Islam forbids paintings of pictures.

Please do not make this a Hindu Muslim thing, it is not. This is about an artist and his limits. It does not make any sense to bring religion into this.

Those among us, who hate him, have doubled the value of his paintings and those who appreciate his work have certainly contributed towards his rise.

America became a great nation by inviting people to become her Citizens and gave them opportunities that India did not, and Qatar has offered her Citizenship, India should keep him in India with all the honor and dignity he deserves and brings to India. May be we should honor him and ask him to honor us by not painting the pictures of revered figures.

Rushdie became international with the ban and the protests against his book. Indeed, the small segment of Muslims made him a big author. Now the small segment of Hindu protests and negative writings will make Hussain a luminary.

Remember, he is an artist and a patriot. No one in any nations history has yielded to pressures, they would rather die, than succumb to pressures. In which case more artists will come on the plane and paint more of the pictures that you and I don't like.

Ignoring is the right thing to do, but breeding hate is not.


Mike Ghouse is a thinker, writer, speaker, optimist and an activist of Pluralism, Interfaith, Co-existence, Peace, Islam and India. He is a frequent guest at the TV, radio and print media offering pluralistic solutions to issues of the day. His work is reflected at three websites and 22 Blogs listed at http://www.mikeghouse.net/

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Updated, Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hussain’s topic has come to a beautiful conclusion now;
Here were the last few comments to munch on:
Mike Ghouse # 93
By the way, his paintings are not acceptable to Muslims at all including me. We abhor those paintings, I want you to understand that clearly, Islam prohibits him from painting any picture, let alone nude pictures. Islam also forbids one to make mockery of other faiths. Hussain has violated both. I am not defending Hussain at all.

If he were to be in Afghanistan, Iran or Saudi Arabia, he would have been killed. As a nation, do we want us to be like Afghanistan? Indeed, the whole issue is about how do we deal with things we don't like. ...

Most Muslims including me were against banning Rushdie's book, we wrote against it and spoke against it. I appealed to the fanatic binge among Muslims to ignore the cartoons, instead I had asked them to pray that goodwill prevails, and several mosques have done that.

Bhaskar Jyotish
~ ~~ ~
Dear Mike ji,
Thanks for confirming this. I know very well that No Good Muslim would assert this.

Now let me talk to you genuinely from my heart. I have been talking all the while of shooting and pelting this chap with stones. But had I had the authority, I would not have put him under any legislative law or under any act initially, but taken few prominent citizens with whom he could co-relate to, and discussed it out with him personally, as to why he was doing and indulging in all this. What was the great idea, and what is the consequence of this, which is nothing but spreading hate, creating communal tensions, because the man on the road does not have time for talking, they understand only two words- Hindu and Muslim, and not beyond this.... And I know I would have convinced him to see the dreadful consequences, and managed to turn his mind from doing what he was, towards more constructive type of creations which could spread instead communal harmony. This man has not been tapped actually, the right way. If it was possible for me to meet him, I would have turned him a No.1 favourite by turning his mind as above.... ...

The second option of law, and the third option of punishment does not need to be used in my case, for I know what artists are made of, and know which chords to be touched and where. About his painting nudity, I have no problem, that's his choice as long as he does not use subjects as under question, for his paintings.

Thank you ...

NOTE # 90

- Dear Bhaskar and very dear Kamlesh


1. Those paintings are offensive in our contemporary culture

2. Regardless of our religions, paintings are distasteful

3. Freedom comes with responsibility to society at large

4. Artists do not select their subjects to hate any one

5. The artist did not have mal-intention when he painted it

6. The artists* to abstain from painting what offends society

7. That the artist has the freedom to apologize or not.

8. That the artist has the right to live safely in India

9. That the issue is purely cultural

0. That the painting be ignored and not published

\And we can add a few more things that would be acceptable to public at large and subject to debates


1. Regulate freedom of expression, all expression?

2. Should we regulate what artists cannot do?

3. Should we regulate what films cannot be produced?

4. Should we regulate what speeches cannot be made?

5. Should we regulate what cannot be published?

6. Should we have democracy as our system of governance?

7. Should we agree that we should have differing opinions?



  1. Face book has over 23 comments at this moment


  2. above religion .. I will pick Hussain as a Artist .. and interpret his work as his own independence of choosing subject .

    Nudity is not new to Painting . for Hussain ..he got marketed by religious fundamentalist .

    from sculptures of Khajuraho to art of ajant ellora , from Kamasutra to shingar rasa of Bharathari ...Science of nudity influenced almost everyone ; one way or other ... ...
    and I like your point also ..as "you" also have a point ..which is precise in some sphere.

  3. rahul and jay eilers.. wud do well by offering his mother rather than Bharat mata.. or his own family objects depicting better sexual appeals as art object ,, let us also amuse ,pls so ur liberal attitude and generosity for our sake atleast ..

  4. Pramod, I understand your anger about the painting, if you have read it, I have condemned it many times. It's been going on for several years.

    - Please understand that Neither Islam nor Christianity have commissioned him to do the painting. Nor was he funded by Muslims or anyone. Pramod, Muslims don't like his paintings, any paintings. Muslims have indeed condemned his paintings of Mother Sita.

    - He is an artist, and every artist is inspired by one thing and they focus on it, they are specialists. They do not pick multitudes of subjects. Go to the finest restaurants, their menu is one page, and artists subjects are just a few....

  5. Mike, if study the history and biography , of Husin , it ued reveal the selection was designed has a planned attack on hInduand nationalist ethos.. and was plabnted by teh pseudo secularists,as their design to denigrate and tease hindus , continually .. the depiction of hinu deities and mother inida is not above board, but a stinking smell it is .. I know and U too, if he wud have shown Fatima wud hvn;t been for so long .. let him taste the blunder too..

  6. Pramod, is there information I can read about " and was plabnted by teh pseudo secularists,as their design to denigrate and tease hindus , continually" .

    - My understanding is that Artitsts are independent people, they don't listen to any one, that is the nature of artists. They pick a topic and stick to it.

    - You bring Fatima and Mary for ... See Morewhat reason? Neither Muslims nor Christians have paid him to paint - He is an artist and no one can tell him to do anything, that is the nature of artits, whetherr they are Jews, Hindus, Muslims or Christians.

  7. Yes, Mike:
    MF Hussian is a GREAT artist and he is free to paint any thing he pleases.
    It would indeed show his honesty if he painted MOHAMMED in the nude.

  8. Muslims don't like any paintings, Muslims have condemned his paintings of Mother Sita, they don't like cartoons either.

    Our history is replete with nude sculptures, the Khajuraho temple has the most revealing poses one can imagine. India has always accepted that form of expression, that is the only explanation or reference he could have painted those pictures from. One wrong does not justify other wrong, then the cycle continues. You and I have to bring some sense to the world and I know you will. You are an intellectual.

  9. Mike:
    For the first time, i do not seem to agree with your statement and tone of your article when you state, "Remember, he is an artist and a patriot. No one in any nations history has yielded to pressures, they would rather die, than succumb to pressures. In which case more artists will come on the plane and paint more of the pictures that you and I don't like.."

    From his pictures, it does not appear an artist but just a hate monger. I agree that it is not issue between Hindus and Muslims, but MF Hussain's pictures appear neither artistic not patriotic. I think if he considers nudity as purity, he would have shown that by painitng his mother nude or his wife having sex with animals. If anything, He appears to be by a psychopath.

    Having said that, I do not know the solution to how to deal with people who are clearly not mainstrem and who wants to break the rules just to hurt other people's feelings. I think what Hindus need to understand that his pictures do not mean anything about their Gods and that painter does not represent Muslim community. If anything, they should find a painter and paint his mother and wife nude and see how he likes the purity of nudity. After all, what makes his painting hateful is that he is using them against Hindu Gods. He could simply paint his paintings and not name them a particular diety. So , we do not need to take out his freedom to paint but stop his action of hurting other peoples' emotions. May, we some painter will come and do 'tit for tat' with him. Again, tit for tat with painter and not make it a religious issue of any kind. These days with photoshops, anyone can change his paintings and mail him back and see how he feels about nudity and purity of his own family.

    Shambhu Nath

  10. Shambhu, respectfully, you have that right, we are trying to understand and not fault any one.

    I don't know about his looks, but agree with you, I don't know what people see in his paintings... I don't.

    First of all, I have condemned his paintings of divine people. I dont' like either.

  11. The Delhi High court made a fabulous ruling in this matter; no artist's freedom can be curtailed in a democracy. We all applauded the wording of that high court judgement. Since then the government has had many sit-downs with Husain telling him to return to India, and he has chosen not to. India may have a few thugs who use the politics of ... See Moreintimidation but we still have a remarkable democratic system that has upheld Husain's rights. The irony is Husain is going to give that up for Qatar, a fledgling democracy where such civil rights are still fragile. I hope I wake up tomorrow and find out he hasn't accepted it.

  12. Mike:
    Please check your facts before making a statement, blind-sighted by your impractical pluralism.
    A patriot doesn't fantasize and draw his (Bharat Mata) motherland in nude.

    Did you forget, How Islamic fatwas were issued for the Danish Cartoonist and the writer of Satanic Verses ?

    Is your pluralism doing something for those misguided Muslims ?

    Let us know. Be careful otherwise, a fatwa may be declared on Mike Ghouse as well.

    Manoj Padhi

  13. Manoj,

    There are three major articles I wrote condemning the mess those Muslims made on Cartoons, had they ignored it, nothing would have happened.

    The hoodlums were using the name of their religion for their frustrations and vandalism.

    Most Hindus, Most Muslims and Most Christians are fine, it is just a few hoodlums, the ugly Talibans and taliaban likes in India. There would be no Fatwa, as majority of the Muslims, like any one else are sane people.

  14. Sudha, I would hope too for the sake of India's democracy. India was at the height of civilization and freeom, and we are rising again and I hope we would be the beacon of freedom and democracy to the world again.

  15. Pramod, Hinduism is an eternal religion, a Sanatana Dharma, and it has enriched other traditions and has grown as well because of its pluralistic ethos. It is a secure faith and ain't going anywhere.

    - It does not need policeman to guard, the moment some one takes over God's religion in their own hands, they will do harm and loose its character. Look at the damage bloody Talibans have done to Islam and People.... we don't need more of them, they need more of us; the pluralistic ethos of India. We don't need to be like them.

  16. First of all MF Hussain is a painter of genius cadre..all those who know language of the painting they shall accept it. And the relevant sections of the media, institutions, the government and his fans have applauded him and he has been recognized honorably and deservedly.

    The way so easily any kind of dressed person walks in New York in the same manner one may not walk in Afghanistan since the cultural environment is of different kind. And when the intellecutal level of a person rises to such a highest level that his music or his painting is of relevance to those stratified people who are at that level.

    In case of MF Hussain a cheap politics has been used and such kinds of people shall always remain part of any society always. And such people have gone in the fanatic ways in opposing him rather than understanding his work and him. Selfish ends rule in life. The Government of India can provide him protection but that shall take away his freedom to walk on the mumbai sea beach or at the marine drive which otherwise he was doing.

    So there is a price.. a naked truth. And that much risks taker MF Hussainji has to take now to return to India. And a mountain appears to be made out of a mole. Too much has been done and this might have put MF to not to return to India. Government of India can only provide protection but then this is tagged against a price.. which a painter like MF would be pained to accept it. And to live away from the country of origin is another biggest price which he is right now paying. So a trade off is absolutely iin the domain of MF only. Karl Marx lived in exile... and there are thousands of examples on Earth.

    In this case exile has been delivered by few thugs..as respected Sudhaji has expressed. I support his return supported by the government protection since this shall give him still lots of inner satisfaction being on His Soil.. and still I am of the view that person like MF are Earth Genius resource and that should also be fairly acceptable to select few of us.. since my mother who lives in a village she does not even know who is MF.. Mr MF is a jewel for select intellectuals all over the world and in that segement he shall always remain so...

  17. First of all;

    The question should not be about Hindu or Muslim,
    the question is about an artist and his limits.

    Muslims or Christians did not hire him to paint the nude pictures. First of all Muslims don't like painting any pictures, they did not like the Cartoons and they did not like the paintings of Sita Devi. Muslims have condemned both.

    Mother Sita is revered by Muslims, she is an example of what a good partner and devout wife is all about. As a Muslim I honor her and quote her exemplary life, like most Muslims do, Urdu Poetry abundantly exemplifies her devotion. It is a dream of every man to have a partner and a wife like Sita who did not cross the line. She is beyond Religion and belongs to all of us Indians, no matter what faith we believe in.

    When you go to work, make a movie, sell food or work, it is your livelihood. You don't work for Hindu faith nor did Hussain work for Islam. It was his work like any one's work.

    Muslims and Hindus both don't like the paintings. I don't and have condemned this some four or five years ago... artists by nature are free people and they do what they want to do. There is nothing religious about his work.

    The real question is his limits. Do we set the limits?
    And most certainly it is not about religion, as Muslims don't like his work either.

    Mike Ghouse

  18. Mike
    There is no need to defend MF Hussein. He has nothing to do with Islam, except that he bears a Muslim name. He has never shown any love or respect for Islam. His paintings cannot be permissible from Islamic point of view. There is no reason why we should defend artists and filmmakers when they indulge in immoralities and indecencies. What Hussein did was surely in bad taste. But Hindus must realise that Muslims have never sided with Hussein. Hussein must render a full apology and must pledge that he would never use nudity in hispaintings and will remain sensitive to the sensitivities of others. Only after that we can support his case.
    Dr Javed Jamil

  19. As I have said earlier, it is not a Hindu or Muslim thing, neither of the communites supports the specific paintings.

    "Many Muslims including me have signed the petition to put MF Hussein’s painting out of circulation, as they were denigrating the Hindu divinities."

    We had asked him to apologize and take the painting out. No one followed it up, and it has hit the market again.

    Mike Ghouse


    This was from Dallas Indians dated Tue May 22, 2007 12:38 pm

    The Muslims have condemned MF Hussain for painting the deities a year and a half ago, much before the current controversy... Every Indian Muslim Group and some other Muslim groups have condemned it, from that mass of date, I posted a piece a few days ago, and there are a ton of them on the net. One of them is reproduced here, posted on March 3, 2006. The following was my note to Parveen Abdi, Secretary General of Muslim Womens' Law board on their Press release. I can dig up a whole lot, but one is representative of all.


    Dear Ms. Abdi,

    We wholeheartedly welcome your press Release. It is the right thing to do.

    Exorcising is a terrorizing tactic of tyrants in the past to subdue individuals. This has got to go from the civilized society, there is a dialogue and there is Hikma to employ. No one but Allah is our judge, and he gives time till the Day of Judgment. The Silent Majority of Muslims are with you on this.

    Many Muslims including me, have signed the petition to put MF Hussein’s painting out of circulation, as they were denigrating the Hindu divinities. Your press release from the Muslim Law Board is an important one. I hope other Muslim organizations follow the suit.

    We support any sanity coming from any Muslim quarters.

    Mike Ghouse

    Secretary General
    Muslim Women's Law Board, Lucknow: Press Release


    Lucknow, 27th Febraury.

    All India Muslim Women’s Personal Law Board (AIMWPB)
    has severely castigated the attempt of so-called
    Majlis-e-shura of Bhopal to exorcise noted painter
    M.F. Hussain from Islam. In a statement issued here
    today Board’s Secretary General Ms. Parveen Abdi said
    that in Islam none has the authority to throw out
    anybody out of Islamic faith. The trend among some
    Muslim sects and groups calling the others as
    non-Muslims has been severely condemned at the Islamic
    conference where it has been decided that so long as
    one believes in Allah and his Prophet and other basic
    tenants of Islam no one has right to question his
    Islamic credentials, let alone outcast anyone out of

    Paintings by M.F. Hussain which hurt the
    sentiments of our Hindu brethrens is condemnable as
    the right to freedom of __expression can be an
    unbridled license to offend emotions and religious
    feelings of others said Parveen Abdi. She also urged
    the media not to give undue importance to such copycat
    behavior of some strange and self- styled leaders of
    putting booty on killing of Danish cartoonist or
    M.F.Hussain. Acts of individuals in their respective
    fields should not be seen as representative behavior
    of the community. Ironically, downbeat leadership
    prefers to discuss and decree dress code for Tennis
    Sania Mirza than the deprivation of Muslim women in
    society. Muslims have rightfully protested enough
    against the misdemeanor of the Danish cartoonist and
    now it is the right time for Muslim leadership to
    channelise the surge of Muslim sentiments against
    illiteracy, unemployment, dogma, gender injustice and
    other day to day life issues which concern the
    community at large.

    Parveen Abdi
    Secretary General

    ~ ~~
    Thanks for expressing your point of view. We can test this as a religious issue, or just an issue of an artist.
    Artists are not bound by any religion, race or any rules. Artists have been insensitive to people regardless of time. Ironically their creativity comes from spontaneity and if an element of deliberation is introduced, they will lose the passion they are made of; Hussain or Picasso.

  21. Mike:

    Any skill of a Humain being has no religion. Mr. Hussain happens to
    be a Muslim. Good people try to bridge the gap between communities
    with their skills; but he seems to be a different one. We should
    ignore Mr. Hussain's skills about a bigger community's divinity. We
    should move on, not to dwell on that.

    Jai Mutreja

  22. Nivedita ChandrappaFebruary 26, 2010 at 6:07 PM

    I guess that an artists has teh freedom to experment with his subjects, but what irks me is is it that Hussain is overwhelmed by our Indian mythology so much that he doesn't paint Islam gods and godesses? or is it that he simply feels that he could no matter what hurt hindu sentiments by painting whatever he like?..i mean who is he? he should speak for himself...

  23. Artists are sensitive and all artists should be sensitive to all faiths. In my Novel Saat Samundar Paar there is story around 1947 when I gave for editing my editor took lot of lines out which I din't realise it can hurt other faiths. Faith is very very Gentle Issue no matter how big artists we are we need to be sensitive to faith of everyone. Why ... See Morein the world we should even make cartoon or draw or paint to insult people's sentiments.? Mostly People do play with Hindu Dieties . Why? even in the west they try to Put Ganesh pic on Cigrate, Laxami on the hamburger or Shiva on Under wear . Its always about Hinduism.

    I m not staunch Hindu I respect all faith but sorry to say People always do that with India and with Hinduism. I don't get it.I have taught my kids to respect all faiths no matter what. Hindu and hinudism is very much liberal. Hinduism do belive in forgivness. So I do pray to God that Mr Husain learn to forgivehimself how he hurt Hindu Sentiments.

  24. Way back in 2007 "Many Muslims including me have signed the petition to put MF Hussein’s painting out of circulation, as they were denigrating the Hindu divinities."

    We had asked him to apologize and take the painting out. No one followed it up, and it has hit the market again.

  25. Kamlesh thanks for the note
    the purpose of writing this note is to prevent it from becoming Hindu/Muslim conflicts, it is not, not only Muslims have condemned it, it is not part of their religion to paint any picture. What your Novel does, this piece brings forward the different perceptions and ultimately a solution.

    - Nivi, there is no such thing as a painting in Islam his faith, no one does it, never been done. Indeed Islam prohibits painting pictures. Mulims have not liked the cartoons nor have they liked his paintings of Sita Devi, who is respected by Muslims as a model woman and is frequently quoted in literature and poetrty.
    ... See More
    - The only thing Hussain is familiar with is Indian Art. Khajuraho is prime example, he probably was inspired by that, of course the world is too... they love Kamasutra. I am not defening him but tyring to find why?

  26. I hope as Muslim he sud unshackle the stupid beliefs atht painting is PROHIBITED..let Mike aspire him , to rebel as true liberator and freely express.. and leave it to Hindus to deal with their goddeses.. or that way eh cud still attepmpt teh sexiest and revealing art for maryam the unwed mother,, who wud have been the befitting art object and wud ... See Moreprovide a better commercial markets as esx orientation and nudity appreciation is in vogue ,in the western world.. so Mike U wud do well to suggest him and he wud b revered better as compatriots of west ..oh read Worst.. or he cud use thise nuns who r being used by innumerable parish , bishops, and pastors to satisfy their lust , or those who indulged in child abuse sexually .. wud b better art object and wud b having the sanction of Pope cardinal as we have seen he shielded all those perpetrators.. or the several wives of Muslims who r cursing and sulking remaining deprived of sexual satisfaction s, and may offer readily and provide good market ,and willing objects wud do better in depiction too, so Please leave Hindu deities and Mother India out from ur sexist psyche and overtures.. may bounce back soon ,

  27. While it is agreed that creativity should flow freely without any outside factor inhibiting it, at the same time, with due respect to the legendary painter M.F. Hussain, I would say, along with freedom, comes a responsibility too..to do highest good to the society and the country. Hussain may not have been immune to the fact that in a large ... See Moredemocracy like India, hurting of religious sentiments can trigger communal tensions. A few in the higher echelon’s of society may feel it otherwise but for most of the common masses, this painting will be interpreted by its face value. A revered deity painted in derogatory fashion and being nude is considered derogatory for staunch Hindu’s in India.

    Earlier too, use of religious deities like Lord Shiva, Krishna, and Ganesha on designing costumes irked the sentiments of religiously sensitive segments. As Maharashtra court commented, "Greater the freedom, Higher the responsibility. M.F.Hussain should have used the freedom of expression in a much more responsible manner"
    Creative brush of a painter can either build a bridge between communities, or widen a gap. In this case, unfortunate though, a rift is all too clear…

  28. But yes threatening him for life is way overboard , it sud be resolved better ways

  29. Pramod, I appreciate youre sentiment. Please remember, neither Muslims nor Christians gave him permission to paint, he was doing it because it was his work, that's what he did for a living as you and I do our own things. Just like the comments you and I are writing are our own, and not authorized by a Hindu or a Muslim Organization.

    - Sanjana, ... See Moreyou comments really summarize the issue. Very well said. I had signed a petition long time back to remove those paintings and asked an apology from the man.

    - One thing is clear, we Indians, be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian or others, do not like nudity nor do we approve such paintings. However, we must value the freedom, as you quoted the Maharashtra High court aptly, " "Greater the freedom, Higher the responsibility."

  30. yes Mike you are right. those who oppose him in india are not indians simply because they do not know their won country. it's a cuontry whose religion has been most dynamic and all embracing. Hussain is moe hindu than a hindu by birth and more indian than any so called indian.

  31. Tahnx ashok I ope u wud offer some softer nude for our annihilation and appreciation too, AND since charity begins at home ,I wud love something from ur stable.. wow,, waiting .. for obliging u .. a true Indian U wud emrge in ur noblest pursuits.. i hope.. an early dispatch , as i m gathering some more to relish and appreciate the beauty , live thereof..

  32. all those who says Hussain is guilty of painting nude should march to khajuraho and konark and detonate those temples which depicts all the postures of sexual acts. i have not read in history that at any point in india this issue was debated. want to know if people have stopped visiting these days.in first place, no body has the right to trample on... See More somebody's democratic rights. indians are the most hypocatic lot. what right somebody has to demand a certificate from Hussain about his being secular or not. there are hindus whose knowledge of ramayana and mahabharat is enriched only by seeing the tv serials this lot is most vocal against Hussain.

  33. fanatics in all religions are same. they make us look like silly and give the impression that they are those who care about the world more than anybody else.i do not know what sort of danger one or two Hussain paintings may cause. i share the moral burden and sense of shame of those fellow countrymen who thinks that banishing Hussain becasue few fanatics wished so, is an act of blow to the pluralism of this great country.

  34. I agree with Sanjana and Ashima. Artists should not be sovereign and they should be sensitive to already divided society. I feel MFH is too arrogant to understand this. If he was secular, he should have also painted something on the religion he follows.

  35. pramod, first, u must learn how to behave on a forum like this. and sans doubt, you are a person who could be only pitied upon. you want to derive some erotic pleasure from this discussion and that sums up everything about you. as for asking despatches from my stable, i think people like u keep enough of them under their pillow.

  36. As a Hindu I take pride in the fact that Hinduism's mythology and inherent generosity and openness can inspire someone who isn't a Hindu to use it for his canvas. I do not in the least feel insulted.

    Which form, depiction and interpretation of Hindu mythology must we treat as official and sacrosanct ? None of them because Hinduism has no single ... See Morepoint of view, no single image that sums it up. To suggest that it does is against the very spirit of Hinduism. But if you don't approve of what Husain does, it is your right to express that too, and Husain should be willing to live with that as well. I only abhor the politics of intimidation and violence; it doesn't belong in a country like ours. To be honest, Husain has fallen in my estimation by accepting Qatari nationality; by what stretch of the imagination will he have more freedom there than here?

  37. Ashok, well said; Husain, by being inspired to render Hindu gods in a way personal to him, is actually acting in the spirit of the Hindu faith.

  38. thanks Sudha.i am proud of the religion i belong to. see, i do not know when last time i visited a temple,kept a fast or participated in a bhajan-keertan that are the standard way of calling someone hindu these days. but i am still a hindu and no body has the right to rusticate me from the religion.what a religion we have been inherited of and we ... See Moreare hell bent on making it sectarian and killing it's high ideals. Hussain being a muslim painting on hindu theme is something we should be proud of and look what we have given him..we have banished him at this ripe age.

  39. Ashok, as an Indian, " Ii share the moral burden and sense of shame of those fellow countrymen who thinks that banishing Hussain becasue few fanatics wished so, is an act of blow to the pluralism of this great country." and me too.

    I am proud of the pluralistic ethos of Hinduism and India and some of the views expressed here are a part of the whole expression of India and Hinduism in general.

    I do hope that artists would be sensitive to their enviroments as well, but that is something we cannot regulate, it is their freedom and we must honor their freedom. Ultimately Freedom sustains as it has been for milleniums.... See More

    Thanks to every one to expressing their thoughts freely and that is who we are; an inherent democratic and pluralistic people.

  40. I am sorry I have come here uninvited (Was searching for some other note of Pramod ji)... but would still like to comment. That old man of 95 years is a perverted man no doubt about that, and is not a real Muslim. No Real Muslim would actually degrade women. He is a blot in the name of humanity. He is not even an artist. An artist spreads beauty ... See Morearound and cheer. An artist does not hurt people, their sentiments or create hate. He cannot be even called an artist. He knows that nudity sells, and he knows that painting controversies will keep him in he headlines. So I would call him a perverted business man too. He has created nude photos of Not only Hindu Goddesses but also used Hindu women, their sarees a, the veil and their Bindi on the forehead to spread more sensuality in his sick paintings. Those who talk of honouring him in India must first send their mothers photographs to him, and get their nude paintings made, show them to the world and then honour this old man. Those who equate Khajurao with his paintings of Nude Hindu goddesses must first equate their nude mothers photos with pornographic nudity, and then talk of such artistic secular expressions which sound good in writing but not in practise. He is not a good man as simple as that but an opportunist. If one can equate Khajurao with his nude paintings of Hindu Goddesses then I am apalled and very much despondent at the level of stupid secularism they have brought upon themselves.

    I for one even if offered a 50 crores packet would never relent to painting any religious figure in the nude... And this man is a weak , psychopath with sexually disturbed genetics as we all know who has seen movies of Madhuri etc so many times over, which no one in his sensibilities could do so as many times he has done. This weak minded person never had the guts to paint a single nude women in Burka till date or show the breasts of a women in one. He should be brought to India. yes. and shot down dead. or pelted with stones till he breathes his last....

  41. Bhaskar, you are very welcome to your opinions but only 1/100 th of 1% Indians may subscibe to your opionion, may be less.