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Monday, June 1, 2015

Narendra Modi criticizes Sangh Parivar for anti-minority remarks

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Thank God, finally Mr. Modi spoke!  I am glad he did. That is all was needed to shut up the extremists among the BJP party that are causing havoc in the nation. If he speaks up two more times, those guys will get their act together. If not Modi will lose big time, his dreams will be shattered by his own Chumchas.  He needs to gather people who are critical of him, they will be his genuine friends and not those who say, sir sab kuch theek hai.

I have written over 15 articles - all asking him to speak up, just say that I am the prime minister of every Indian and I will not consider one less than the other, and I will not tolerate discrimination against any Indian.

Thanks God he spoke, I am going to celebrate the moment by making a good cup of tea and raising a toast to Modi and pray that he speaks for the common good of all Indians.

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Narendra Modi criticizes Sangh Parivar for anti-minority remarks

Narendra Modi has hit out at the Sangh Parivar for their remarks against the minority. The PM of India gave pretty clear message in an interview given to a news agency calling the anti-minority comments “uncalled for”.  
Narendra Modi has put his foot down about the matter and warned that discrimination or violence of in any form will not be tolerated against any community. Narendra Modi also said that the Constitution of India guarantees freedom to practice any religion which is not negotiable under any circumstances.
Talking about the main banner of the ‘Achche Din’ if Modi and the BJP came to power, the Prime Minister of India claimed that the promise has been fulfilled during his first year as the PM of India. He also stated the same to pat himself on the back while answering his critics who had raised doubts about the ‘achche din’ claim by the NDA government.

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