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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Modi-Rahul bhai bhai: India’s new PM hits the right notes

Shashi Tharoor and I have understdood Modi well, and indeed my article will be out at Huffington post - Tharoor and I about Modi.

Tharoor beefed up his argument further

As Tharoor said in his Huffington Post op-ed, Modi's behavior post his great electoral win is a 'welcome surprise' from "a man with a reputation of brooking no dissent and riding roughshod over opposition during his twelve years at the helm in Gujarat".
However Modi seems determined to prove Tharoor right and is sticking firmly to his '2.0' avatar - the picture of mature statesmanship. And this was evident yesterday in his conduct during the joint session of Parliament.
While it is unclear just how much an impromptu 'hand clasp' will help in terms of thawing relations, it is definitely a start. And Modi is being particularly clever here. He knows that a significant portion of India's population is watching him with trepidation. By choosing to consistently take the higher road as he did in Parliament yesterday, he is winning them over bit by bit.

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