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Friday, March 25, 2016

Bangalore Map dated March 22, 1791

220 years old map of Bangalore!!

Prepared on 22nd March 1791, by Lord Cornwallis during the Third Anglo-Mysore War, with a plan to attack Bangalore. At that time, the town just comprised of today’s Avenue road, Chikpet & surrounding areas (Which is also popularly called petta by British and Pete, pronounced as “pay-tay” by locals).

The town was enclosed by thick hedges/bushes and a strong fort adjoining it at the south part.

During the third Anglo-Mysore War, Since Tipu was the ruler, Srirangapatna was the capital of Mysore Kingdom. While approaching Srirangapatna from North, Bangalore is on the way. So, Lord Cornwallis chalked out the strategy to attack Bangalore and successfully captured the town and its fort, and established his base. Next step was to strike Srirangapatna. But the British army was taken aback due to a flurry of Rockets launched by Tipu during the fight. Tipu had experimented with rocket science in that era and is now considered to be the father of rocket. NASA also acknowledges it
 — in Bangalore, India.

Mike Ghouse
A Banglaorean

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