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Monday, October 5, 2015

Will Modi speak up?

 Can we expect Prime Minister Modi to speak up? | http://MikeGhouseforIndia.blogspot.com 

All he has to say, and I earnestly hope, the Indian Americans would support this, as we enjoyed the freedom this nation offers. I hope we are American enough to expect PM Modi to say this.

" I will not tolerate any one undermining another Indian, to me all Indians are equal and everyone has a right to eat, drink, wear and believe whatever one wants, any one trampling other Indian's basic human rights will be punished and I see to it that it happens. I have a the responsibility and my faith Hinduism teaches me to respect every human and I will."

Do you agree with this?
As Indian Americans, we welcome this petition:

Progressive Hindus denounce murder of Mohammed Akhlaq

HAF has taken a bold step, and I am sure its not easy to do the right thing.

The world would be a better place if we develop the ability to stand up for others - a Hindu for a Muslim, a Muslim for a Jew, a Jew for a Zoroastrian...
 Take a look at this - Standing up for Hindus, it needs to be updated
Thank you,

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  1. modi may or may not speak up. my bet is he will not. one he cares two hoots for human rights justice and governance. two his conduct shows him in anti minority light (darkness). the sad thing is the indian judiciary has failed india and its citizens, have failed their constitutional duty, have allowed themselves to violate their oaths of office.

  2. Dear Mr. Ghouse,

    When Modi came in power and he openly said that he will follow the Contitution of India and SUB KA VIKAS, most of us beleived the unbeleivable. As a politician
    he made speeches to make feel good , a trick he leant from Regan but there never was any such beleive in it.
    While Obama was still in India and churhes were vandlaised and een Obama talked about it in his speech, Modi kept quite and there were many of his supporters who
    questioned Obama for such remarks.
    Unfotunately this particular incident of killing a man on rumor tells us the political
    atmospher of hate in the nation. The religious goons are roaming in the villages of UP and spreding rumors and NDA/BJP govt is playing double sword polciy and blaming ruling party in UP for lak of Law and Order.This is all for vote and Modi wants majrotiy in both houses and we will see changes like Nazi in India.

    Modi has not been kind to Indians as many of his speeches abraod hae denigrated Indian citizens and one cannoit expect any apology or even words of condolences from his or his masters. After all he is puppet hanging there on the will of his masters.

    Why would Modi say a word when he never did in the past of Gujarat. Look at the true humanity of this govt. Not a word of condolence or sympthy WHY.
    India is not same as we knew decades ago and is changing too fast to anarchy