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Monday, March 23, 2015

Service by India Consulate Houston and its affiliates.

This is an appeal to a sense of fairness in all of us.  We are too quick to complain when things don’t work out smoothly, that probably happens 2 or 3 times out of 100 good things that happen to us.

No matter who it is, whether it is you, me or the consulate, we do serve a majority of our constituents, customers or clients well, but rarely do people appreciate it, but they are too quick to gripe when a few things don't go well.

It’s time to change this imbalance in the equation, and let us start now.  Next time you get better than average service; appreciate the giver, that's the right thing to do, we are not doing a favor to them, but doing ourselves a favor; for every good we receive we get indebted, and until we give the good to others, the burden remains on us and gratitude brings release!  

Of the thousands of people that India Consulate in Houston and its affiliates serve, I'm sure there will be at least 2 to 3 who walk out unhappy, part of it could be the personalities but bulk of it is documentation. We have to handle it with the goal of solution and not frustration.  

It was such good experience visiting them today! 

It was good to see a reflection of Americanism in the The CKGS Team, the company that processes the visa applications. Their unstated attitude was, thank God you are here, because of serving customers like you, we have a job and serving you is a way of thanking you. What a positive attitude!

If you are not happy, please share it in the most polite manner, remember you and I don’t like people who gripe, but do like if they make that into a suggestion or a solution. Let’s do the same.

In behalf of Dallas Indians, and Aligarh Muslim University, I thank his Excellency Hon. Parvathaneni Harish for offering great leadership to his staff and the affiliates CKGS for the caring service.  I dealt with Monika, Prashant, Lewin and Leo and just could not thank them enough for the simple but pleasant attitude they dealt with. 

Consulate General of India in Houston - http://www.cgihouston.org/
Visa and other services provider
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