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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Banares ki tahzeeb ka ek pehloo, Thank you Burkha Dutt, Nidhi Razdan and NDTV.


I have watched Burkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan over the last thirty days with admiration.  They give me great hope for India – they are as sensitive as they are here on our networks, except of course my Channel; Fox, which I will be on this Friday on Hannity about Boko Haram. 

Burkha is aggressive but will not let anyone dodge her, when she calls on politicians for making dumb or stupid comments, where as Nidhi is always calm and collected with a flair for getting the answers.  Journalists hon to aisay hon.

Most of us can relate with the Hindi-Urdu-English language of the shows.  We speak just like Burkha - Hinglish or Urlish.

They did a fabulous job in covering politics. 

Burkha concluded her show on Asis Ghat with Shayers and Kavis gathered around sharing their poetry.  I was happy to see the poets sit together and share their rachnayien in Hindi and Kalaam in Urdu.   Koi khas baat nahin, phir bhi achcha laga, hope you enjoy it. 


Odd things

Chaliye my bhi es ausar pay ek sher likh deta hoon.

Shayer aur Kavi, ghat ghat pay mil jul ke baith-tay hain
A hai yahan ki sabhyata, chai pay charchay kartay hain

One of the Kavis was wearing a loose topi with 2 points pointing upwards,  I knew I have seen that before, and that took me to the film Mere Mehboob, where Pandit Mukri wears it.

Mere Mehboob is perhaps the only film in India, where each one of its song was a super hit.  4 of them are among my personal 10 favorites – if you have the romance alive in you, you will applaud the poetry, particularly the king of all romantic songs – Mere mehboob Tujuhe.

Narendra Modi

Mr. Modi is expected to become the next Prime Minister and the nation is both apprehensive and happy. For those who are apprehensive I would say:

Hindustan ka koi  kuch bhi bigaad nahin sakta,
Hamari sabhyata ragon say koi nikal nahin sakta

And for those who are happy I would say;

Aap nay Modi per bharosa kiya, etebar kiya
Ab dekhna hai ke aapne acha kiya a bura kiya

My latest article on Modi at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ghouse/indias-modi-on-his-best-behavior-can-we-trust-him_b_5280892.html#es_share_ended

 Jai Hind

Mike Ghouse

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  1. Wah ji wah Mike Ghaus ji keya khoob likha aap nay
    "Aap nay Modi per bharosa kiya, etebar kiya
    Ab dekhna hai ke aapne acha kiya a bura kiya"