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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ayodhya Verdict

I pray that our nation and people accept the verdict of the Allahabad High court, or go to the Supreme Court to continue with the challenges.


Let the common folks of India not fall in trap to the politicians,the ones who instigate will sit pretty in their homes and the let you hurt each other, and cause anguish. Do they care?



There are bad elements among Society, whoever disturbs the peace must be

rounded up and dealt with accordingly. We must resist the temptation to

blame the family of such persons, community, town or religion of that person.

Let no one escape blaming the intangibles like the caste, religion or the language


Let's punish those individuals who do wrong.

On our part, the India's sitting elsewhere in India, we should do every thing

to keep peace there, but certainly not cheer for the destruction of each other.


On our part at Dallas Indians, let's learn about what is going on there,

and pray for goodwill instead of cheering the loss of the other. Shame on us if did that. Let's each one of us do our duty, the least we can do is pray.


 Mike Ghouse




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